New Years Resolution – Journalling

Happy New Year — friends, family and others who find this space…
This year, one of my only resolutions is to journal more.  My quiet-times have been lack-luster for most of the last two hectic work months.  God has been offering me lessons, but I have been too busy to process them, much less adapt my life around them.  And frankly, I am finding myself more short-fused and less grace-filled than I should be.
I find that journalling helps me to cement concepts into my heart … and since many of you know my heart, or are chartered with helping me with it (oh, great accountability partners in my men’s group).  I am hoping that others will chime in on these missives with Scripture or other wise counsel.
And if you aren’t interested in my ramblings, you can still check out the cute pictures of my kids – or see what books interest me.
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One Response to New Years Resolution – Journalling

  1. Dave says:

    Congrats on finally writing what He has been encouraging you to write. I can personally attest to the doors that open as we obey the promptings of the Spirit. Keep it going!

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